Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

So this week was super good. We are super busy and my mind is everywhere right now because Thanksgiving is this week, but I will try to give you a recap of last week.

So last P-Day after emailing we went to this place called "Great Shakes" and we had some pretty great shakes. Ha. We were able to talk to this super cute couple there about Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, they weren't Mormon but they loved what we had to say and they said that they know a lot of people from Utah as well. It was a really good conversation and I am so glad that we got to meet them. There are so many good people in this world. We were also able to run into an Australian couple on the street and they talked to us for only a minute, but I loved their accents.. so cool. Oh man I just remembered a story from that day! So funny! So Hermana Stuber was driving and in California there are those streets that are only 1 way... well there was two of them right next to eachother heading different ways (one North and one South). We turned onto the one Heading South (because that was the road that the shake place was on) and realized that we were too far down, so we told Hermana Stuber to turn down the road heading North. She did.. and we started heading down but then she was like "we're on the wrong road" and turned onto the one heading south and we were screaming and were like you can't turn right on this road!! And at the last second she was like OH MY BAD! so we had to go down that road again.. then we flipped around and started heading back and she must of been somewhere else because guess what? She did it AGAIN! Oh man by that time we were laughing so hard! It probably isn't funny written out like this, but it was funny in the moment.

So this week our bathroom light went out. And it isn't a normal light bulb.. it's a special one. So we had to shower in the dark and had to leave the door open if we wanted light for about two days. Then we said enough is enough and we went to the apartment office and asked for them to change it and she said she would have someone on it by the end of the day. Then we got home and the other sisters in our apartment had tracked one down and gave it to us! It was so sweet! but then later that night while we were all out the guy came to change the bulbs and when we got home he had taken the ones that the sisters had bought and replaced them all... Hermana Stuber was so mad.. she just said, "dang we walked all the way to Albertsons for those!" They will be blessed. The Lord honors effort.

On Wednesday we had a wonderfully spiritual Zone Conference with President Van Cott (our mission president) and we talked about conversion and the Book of Mormon. We were able to share our favorite conversion stories and talk about the steps that the people and the missionaries went through. My favorite conversion story is the one of King Lamoni's father in Alma chapters 20 and 22. I love how his first interest in the Gospel is sparked by how much Ammon loves the people and how he SERVES the people. And then later once Aaron is let out of prison he can go in and teach the king because Ammon had softened his heart. The scriptures are so powerful. They teach you everything. We also did a fun role-play where we chose to be one of our parents (except make them non-members) and just go around and run into each other and try to learn all we could about that person. It was so fun. It made our street contacts so much easier.

We also did exchanges this week. I stayed in my area and Hermana Granado was my companion for the day. She reminds me of Jessica Fowler. THEY ARE TWINS. It is so weird but I love her she is so cute. We had a lot of fun and were able to catch up and the theme of conversations this week has kind of been about the Second Coming. I used to think it is going to be a few hundred years from now, but there was a prophesy given by the prophet in the early 1900's and he said that some of the people at that time would be alive for the Second Coming... we did the math. If someone was just born on that day and lived to be 100 years old, the Second Coming would be in 2030. And we actually have a girl out here whose Patriarchal Blessing tells her that she will be alive for the Second Coming.. so I am guessing it is close. I hope I am alive... that would be so cool.

This week we had to teach Gospel Principles class at church and we will probably have to continue teaching it for a bit. The teacher for that class moved and President Parks (our branch president) told us to pray about who should be the new teacher and get back to him, but until then we are the new teachers... yeah I don't mind. It is fun to teach the class but I never know what people say to me... that is why we have companions. She answers the questions most of the time. I just keep it simple and testify. That is the basis of what I know how to do in Spanish. I can't say English prayers anymore and it is so much easier to give my testimony in Spanish than English. I love Spanish. It is so much easier than English.

Well, it's Thanksgiving this week. So I was thinking about what I could say to everyone and I came across this scripture:
1 Philippians 1:3 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you
You are all so special to me. I truly can't imagine my life without every single one of you. For me this Thanksgiving is so special because I have the opportunity to touch lives here in California. We will be passing out notes and little door messages this Thanksgiving to all of our members and inactives. I am so excited the best days are the ones when we do service because you can feel the love of Christ and you get to share it with everyone you come in contact with. I love teaching lessons and watching as people come to know Christ and understand His gospel, but there is something about service that just gives you a taste of what Christ did while He was here. He taught many things, but mostly He served the people. I love service. Especially when you know that the people you are serving feel the spirit and the pure love of Christ.

I am so thankful to be here in this area and to have the opportunity to brighten lives during these holiday seasons. There is nothing I love more that seeing someone smile and I am so glad that we are able to share the light of Christ during these winter months... even though it isn't winter here.

I am so thankful for you all and for the love and support that you have given me. I truly thank my God upon every remembrance of you. I hope that your Thanksgiving is full of love.

Hermana Eardley
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