Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16 2015

Dear Family, so just to be clear, this week is completely normal. There is nothing special about it.

So, the last Monday I was in Bugaba for a zone conference and there, yes, I can send photos, but here in Volcan, no, I have to buy a cable. Sorry. 

So this last week we went on exchanges with the Zetta Ellas and I was in Bugaba with Hermana Diaz. It was really fun to get to know her more. I love exchanges because you get to know a new area or a new companion for a bit. Its always fun and for me it almost always makes me more appreciative for my area and the little time that I have to work there. 

 My week was super weird. Not bad, just all over the place. My first week here in Volcan I was barely here and now coming up on my second week I am just trying to get to know the area and we are trying to organize our area a bit.. its just been a little choatic but it has also been really good. Me and my companion are getting along really well. We found a family that we were able to have a lesson with this past week and they are so awesome. The girls came to church (all daughters, mom and dad arent together) but the mom didnt. We have a set appointment with them every Friday, but because she wasnt at church we are actually going to go over to her house today to visit her. We are also going to be inviting them to be baptized today as well so I am super excited.

We have district meetings every week and this week I was asked to give the lesson. We were focussing on Using Time Wisely and the importance of planning. We focussed a lot on what we do for investigators every day, how its important that if we care about someone and we want to help them progress we need to have some type of contact with them every day. Whether it is us or someone else isnt as important as making sure that they know that they are important to us.

So we have this investigator named Diana. She believes in the church and has been going every Sunday, she is even paying her tithing and she isnt a member yet. Her problem is with the law of Chastity and she has told us that she knows its wrong and she believes in it, but she doesnt think she can follow the commandment. So this last week we had a lesson with her and we read Moroni 7:33 and how the faith that we have will determine what we can and cannot do. It was a really powerful lesson and I really felt the spirit working through us. I actually had a moment where I think the spirit testified more to me than it did to her. I am not sure why but I started talking about when I started thinking about going on a mission and how it wasnt something that was really important to me, in truth, it was just something new that I could do with my life. I told her about when I finally got sick of waiting for an answer from Heavenly Father I just decided I was going to serve, but I still didnt have this huge desire to do so. Then how I started to have a lot of challenges in my life and, long story short, how I realize now that those challenges were a gift. The more opposition I felt during that time the more my desire grew to serve my mission. I feel very blessed to know that Heavenly Father strengthened me more than I knew. He prepared me for something that I needed to do while trying and strengthening my faith through the proccess. 

I dont have any more time this week to write, but that yall so much for all you have done for me and for your support. I love you and hope yall have a good week.

Hermana Eardley

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