Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hola Familia!

It was so great to see you all and talk to you on Christmas! The time I had to see your smiling faces and here your voices was the highlight of my week. I hope that everyones Christmas was filled with love and happiness and that we were all able to take the time to remember the Savior and everything He has done for us.

My mom mentioned that once we hung up she would think of things she wanted to ask or to tell me, well yeah that happened with me so I started a list of everything I forgot to tell yall when we were skyping.

First, there are no addresses here. The houses dont have numbers, the streets dont have names. When we meet people on the street they will point us in the direction of their house and tell us the main building that they live by or things like that and then later we just go searching and asking people if they know this person... yeah and in our records we just draw maps... that took a little to get used to.

Second, dad I did have a story and I cant believe I forgot it, Christmas Eve we had dinner at a members house and they have a little boy named Dylan. One of the Elders was trying to get him to give him a high-five because we were about to leave... and finally he does, and as he is giving the Elder a high-five he says "Chow, nigger".... yeah... that is okay to say here, so I laughed... He is like 4 years old... it was so funny.

Third, mom I figured you would get a kick out of this one, we dont have a washer or dryer here.. we hand was delicates in a little sink we have outside our house, but our other clothes we have to take to a lady who lives down the street and pay her to clean our clothes... never in my life have I liked other people to wash my clothes... but here I have no choice.

On Friday we had an amazing lesson with a 14 year old named Jasmine. She is a Recent Convert and going less active so we went and talked to her about her baptism. The spirit was so strong and she told us about the peace that she had felt when she was baptized.. we told her about the importance of writing down her spiritual experiences to know 1st how God talks to you and 2nd so that you dont forget how you felt. I love teaching children because they are so humble and receptive to the spirit, they dont try to fight it.

Do yall remember the family that we found in Little Cesears in California? I got an email from my last companion today:
The Higueros got baptized yesterday!! Found, taught and baptized in less than a month! This family is super awesome!! And I just wanted to send a few pictures from their baptism yesterday! How was your Christmas and talking to your family?
I miss you too and am grateful you were my companion! Hna Higueros says thank you for helping her family!! I will pass the message along! Love you! And Happy New Year!!
Love, Hermana Howe :)
I love that family so much and was so thrilled to hear that the kids got baptized. I just wanted to share that with yall. The Lord definitely put us in their path. I am so thankful that I was able to find them and help teach them.

Today we deep cleaned our tiny little house... we found bugs everywhere... I have no doubt our neighbors heard my screams... but it is clean now and we went and bought a ton of fruit and vegetables and I am very happy with our living arrangement for the time being... that is until tonight when I am bound to find more bugs.. OH and I learned (okay right as I typed this I found an ant on my neck..gross)...anyways I learned our pet lizard makes noises... it sounds like a mix between a cry and a bird...yeah it freaks me out.

There isnt much else to say that I wasnt able to say on skype. Our Sunday was really great we had 2 investigators at church and it rained which I always love... we talked about the Holy Ghost and what it means to us. For me, the Holy Ghost is a guide that will confirm the things that I am doing right or help me realize the things I am doing wrong. I have learned that the Holy Ghost talks to me after I have made decisions, not before. I have the agency to make my own choices, but after they are made I always feel the confirmation or the upset feeling that helps me know what I am doing right and what I need to change.

I am so thankful for everyone of you! Thank you so much for your love and your testimonies. I feel the Saviors love every day and know how real he is and how real the Atonement is. I couldnt do this without him. I couldnt do this without all of you either. Yall are always in my prayers and in my heart. I love you all so much!

Love, Hermana Eardley

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