Monday, June 29, 2015

Major Spanglish

Dear Family,

This week I have been talking some major spanglish. like the two languages have just morphed together, but its okay because my companion speaks both.. so she always understands me. 

This week was full of fun activities. First, we were able to go to the temple which was so wonderful.. Its like the biggest re-energizer that we have. The peace that you feel there is quite perfect. 

So, we found a family from Honduras. Its really cool because we said hello to the father walking past their house and he just invited us in and talked with us for a bit. The wife is Evangelica and the husband is Catholic, the wife isnt super strong in her religion, but the husband is. We had an awesome lesson with them about the Restoration of the Gospel. They were attentive and asked questions. At the end, we challenged them to be baptized and the wife accepted, but the husband said no because he had been baptized. We asked him what the purpose was to be baptized and when he said "to be free from the sins that we have", we asked him, "and what sins did you have as a baby?" he thought for a minute, and then told us he would go to church with us next week. 

Our Branch had a Family History activity this week which was super cool. They showed pictures from when the church started in the area and everyone was freaking out like "oh that is so and so" and "no way is that..." it was all super cool. The church is still decently new, because everyone that was in the pictures were grandparents or great-grandparents of the people we have now. 

There is this family that lives across the street from us. They are like our parents for the mission. Siempre estan tratando a darnos comida y invitarnos a sus noches de hogar. Its really great how awesome they are. The wife is named Patricia and she is 23, so, we are all really close in age the only difference is she has 2 kids and my companion and I are missionaries. Anyways, her son, Ludwig, had his 4th birthday yesterday so we went over to say happy birthday and we were planning on showing up and leaving, but then she gave us food, and cake, and introduced us to her friend from the university that isnt a member so we ended up staying for a little bit talking to them. It was really fun. 

My skin started freaking out from all of the humidity that we have had with the heat... so I called the mission nurse and she told me its from my eczema. So now, I have to stay cool... which is like impossible in Panamá and I have to shower twice a day, and I have to use this special cream called zertazina... its cool.. I asked God to send me somewhere hot. 

I have homework for yall. In 2 Nephi 5 there are listed 7 fundamentals to establish your home. I would like to challege all of you to read this chapter and see if you can find the fundamentals and the way that they help you establish your home, then, I would like to challege you to apply them if you are not doing so already.

I love you all! Sorry this letter is a little short, but I hope yall have a great week and all is well. 

All my love, Hermana Eardley
branch activity

we were doing laundry, then a crazy drunk guy told us we were pretty and gave us some mints...

Service project! We helped build a road

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