Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dear Family,

Wow Mayo went by pretty fast... 

So last Wednesday guess what I did? We got to go to the temple AGAIN! The state was going and our leaders told us we needed to go because they had reserved seats for us on the bus.. so we went! It was super awesome! Two temple trips in a week... its like the best gift ever.

We had another awesome lesson with Roycel. Everytime we talk to him he tells us that he knows the church is true, but he finally told us that the reason he doesnt want to get baptized is because he is afraid to make a commitment if he is sure that he wont be able to stay strong in the church... sounds dumb right? yeah, we think so too. So we have rounded up all of the young men here and have given them a job to do. Each one takes turns visiting him, sharing scriptures, inviting him to church or FHE, EVERYTHING. We decided that we were going to show him that it is possible to stay strong in the church through the examples that we have there. He is friends with all of the young men, they are always playing soccer, so yesterday, when Roy didnt show up to church (we knew he wouldnt he said he was going out of town to visit his family) we went and asked the young men if they knew where he was, they didnt... so I may have grilled them a little. Okay, so I definitely called them out and told them they need to be better friends, so now we are on the same page and we are going to get this young man to believe in himself. I am so excited I think this is the funnest thing we will be doing for the next few weeks because we will be doing the planning, and they will be doing the work;) 

This week the Stake did an activity for autosuficiencia. It was so fun! They asked us to participate so we performed a Hawaiian dance that was so fun! I had someone record it, but its way to big to send to yall.. actually I have a ton of videos that are just too big to send, sorry... anyways, we took pictures so I will hopefully send those. We got all dressed up and had to put a ton of lipstick on and flowers in our hair and everything. It was a great activity that they did and I think it really got a lot of the members excited. 

We have this thing called LPEs in the mission it means Lecciones Para Encontrar (lessons to find) and its just a type of contact we do in the streets, but the other day we went to an ATM to take out our quincenta and this guy came up behind us and got our attention and just said "hello" I just waved my hand because normally when guys in the street start talking to me in English its because they are flirting and I dont like it, so I just waved my hand and turned back to the machine. Then, afterwards when we finished he came up to use the machine, but told us that he wanted to talk to us so to wait and talk with his wife for a minute.. we thought it was weird, but decided why not, so we started talking with his wife. Then, he came over and told us that they had just moved there, that they are married, that they dont drink or anything, and are looking for a church to join. WHAT? It was like those miracles that are literally too good to be true. We took down their information and told them we would call to set up an appointment. We called them today and have an appointment for Thursday. When we got on the bus my companion and I just looked at eachother and we were like... Was that real? I am so excited to teach them!

Sorry yall this one is going to be short. I have like 0 time because we had to wait forever for a computer to be open. I love you all and hope that your week is good! You are in my prayers!

Love, Hermana Eardley

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