Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes... I feel kind of old. Wow I cant believe we past Mothers Day, 9 month mark, and birthday all in 1 month... 

This month is coming to an end. One week left and we are in June. It has gone by way too fast. This last week we had some awesome experiences that I would love to share with yall.

First of all, yesterday after church we went to visit an investigator, when we left her house, her dog started following us... and kept following us... all the way to the other side of our area. It came to a point when he was actually lost so he just kept following us, when we visited people he would just wait outside the door until we left and then just keep following us. One sister wanted us to go with her to do visiting teaching, so we walked to her house, got in the car, and she started driving... but the dog started chasing the car. We told the member so that she would stop and we could do something with the dog, but she just kept driving! and the dog got lost... it was aweful. She dropped us off at our dinner appointment and when she got home she called us and told us that the dog was there at her house, it was POORING rain at the time so she said that she would take care of it until the morning and we could stop by and pick him up, but that she wouldnt be there. This morning we got up and went to her house... and no dog. We called her and she said that he was there when she left for work, but that he might have ran out when her sister left... so as of right now we have lost our investigators dog... it really sucks. We dont know what we are going to do if he doesnt return to her house.

We recently found a young man that the sisters had taught about a year ago. He is friends with all of the young men and knows practically everyone in the church. We had our first lesson with him and decided to start over with the lessons and teach the Restoration. When we started talking about it, he said that he had never heard about it before, so we taught it to him. The spirit was super strong in that lesson and after I asked him if he had recieved an answer to know if the church is true, and he said that he had received his answer and that he knows it is true. It was such a special moment for all of us. His family is Catholic and he doesnt have their support, so we have to wait for him to recieve permission from his mom to be baptized because he is 17... FUTURE MISSIONARY! It was so wonderful to hear him say that he knew it was true and that he wants to be baptized. The way someone changes when they accept the gospel is incredible, its a testimony in itself that this gospel is true.

I got to go to the temple on Saturday. It was the best b-day present I could have recieved. It was just filled with peace. I went in just wanting to talk to God. I talked to him about my mission so far, the things I had accomplished and the things I still want to accomplish. I thanked him for his hand in my life. I asked for guidance and support.I read the Bible (it was in english). My comp was awesome she said we could stay as long as I wanted, so we literally stayed there until they kicked us out. I had one moment during the session when I thought about how I have to go to the temple with yall when you come down here, then I laughed to myself thinking how my dad would do in a spanish session... itll be great. 

After the temple my companion took me to dairy queen for some ice cream... it was super sweet of her!

I have heard my whole life that the morning prayer should be thanks to God for another day of life. So, I decided I would put it to the test. Every morning, for the past couple months, I have said prayers of only thanksgiving. It is amazing how it has affected my days. I notice miracles a lot more. I feel the spirit more. I realize how much he has given me.

I am so grateful for yall. I am so grateful for the support you have given me. I hope that each one of you are doing well and are growing spiritually. I hope yall have a great week! 

Love, Hermana Eardley

P.S. The mission was paying a lot of money to recieve packages that contained food, so now, if we recieve a package with food, they take that money out of our account. Please do not send me food. I would rather have the 20 dollars for grocery shopping than for a package full of candy. Thank you.

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