Monday, December 7, 2015

Dear Family,

Sorry. This letter is going to be sort of really short. I dont feel very well this week. 

This last week we had the Mothers Day activity in our Branch. Mothers Day is in December here... ya I know, this country is a little weird. Anyways, the Branch didnt plan it out very well and the Branch President didnt help even a little bit (he isnt married) Everyone that had an assignment fell through and so we had to do the decorating, help cook the food, we did everything except the acts that people signed up for. It was aweful... the only thing that turned out really good was the decorations... but that is because Alex and Tony helped us do them.

We have had some awesome lessons lately with one of our new investigators. His name is Luis Rodriguez and he has had some major struggles in his life. Él ha pasado por todo en su vida y su único deseo es poder ver a su abuela y mamá otra vez. Ellas dos fallecieron hace años. Después que le enseñamos el Plan de Salvación él encontró una nueva esperanza. Él ya tuvo problemas aceptando La Restauración y José Smith, pero después 2 veces diciéndole que tenía que orar, oró y dijo que sí sintió que era verdad. Él está progresando super rápido, pero la cosa que le impide a ser bautizado es problemas con su esposa (no están casados... y no lo quieren tampoco). Tenemos que esperar a ver que deciden.

So, yall know how I almost always have a story for you? This week its a great one... 

Saturday, our lunch called us and told us she was in Volcán and wouldnt be able to give us lunch until 2 in the afternoon.. we told her not to worry about it because we had an appointment at 1:30 and didnt want to be late. We went to the house and had cereal and grapes.. yumm... :/ Then we headed out to our appointment. While we were waiting for the bus we recieved a text from our District Leader wishing us a happy fast... we looked at eachother and were like, "OH my gosh! We forgot to start our fast!" So, we started it in that moment. It was really unfortunate that it happened like that, because we hadnt drank any water that day... but we thought we would be fine. We worked ridiculously hard Saturday, up to a point when we were so exhausted that we had to sit down on a bench for a minute to regain a little strength, then we kept working. We finished the day, went home, planned, showered, and slept. The next morning, the alarm sounded and I couldnt respond. I had NO STRENGTH. I tried to get up to do my hair and couldnt... finally at 8:30 I found some strength and got ready quickly and we left for church... I felt aweful during Sacrament Meeting and got to one point when I thought I was going to throw up, so we went to the bathroom. Out of nowhere I start crying for no reason. The Elders came out and freaked out and sent us home.. I called the nurse and explained to her everything that had happened and she got so mad at me! First, she asked me what on earth I was thinking fasting without drinking water... WHAT? NO one ever told me we could drink water in this mission!! Anyways, she tells me that yes, especially I, have to drink water while fasting, that is a new revelation for me. Then, to make the story short, She said that I practically starved myself, and that she thinks Ihave a kidney infection.. I might be going to the doctor tomorrow. I will let yall know. And she put me on bed rest for 2 days and said that I had to drink gallons of water. Its been a fun 2 days... 

Well, more than that there isnt anything new! I love yall so much and hope to hear from you next week! 

Love, Hermana Eardley

We got locket out. . .but my companion worked
miracles.  I took a video.

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