Monday, October 12, 2015

P Day in the rain
My comp found some stickers and put them all over my face... I put them in my journal

Dear family,

This week is transfers. They will be telling me tomorrow. Its a little unfortunate that we find out on Tuesday because yall have to wait a week to know where I am, but the Lord knows what he is doing and everything always works out. Everyone says that I will be getting transfered because I have 6 months here and only 3 transfers left... There is a lot of logic to it, but the only one who truly knows where I should be is the Lord and President Carmack... I will go where I need to go. I will let yall know next week where I am at. 

I would love for yall to come and pick me up, if you still want to, let me know next week and I will call the office and ask for my return date so yall can know the date to buy the tickets.

This week I got a cold. I didnt get a fever which is awesome, but my throat hurt and I kept sneezing... it didnt stop us from working, but the look on some of our investigators faces was like, "is it really worth it?" I felt bad, but the work never stops and neither do we. 

My companion is feeling a lot better. She is taking Psych medication and by some miracle it is taking away her headaches. She says she is great and we have been able to work a lot more and its like a big wieght that got lifted. Thank you all for your prayers and her behalf, I know that they helped strengthen her. 

Speaking of my companion, she has gone back to being her goofy self... We were walking around and she pulls out a Book of Mormon, opens it, smells it, and says, "mmmmm smells like doctrine!" I couldnt stop laughing. 

So about 2 days ago I was helping a sister cook in her house. We found a few ants in the refreshments and she grabbed a spoon and scooped them out... I started laughing and said, "my dad always said that ants were just a little protein..." I honestly never took that seriously until Panama... you find ants in your drink, in your food, in everything... at first it freaked me out, but now its just a little protein... we both started laughing.. it was a great moment. 

We have had some wonderful lessons this week. Two of our "long-term investigators" (like, they have been investigators for about 3 months now) finally accepted a baptism date! It was such a wonderful experience for my companion and I. We talked a lot about what it was that finally got them to that point that they felt ready to take that step and we agree that it was the members. Their testimonies were super strong and they were able to understand our investigators concerns better. We had one of our members do the baptismal invitation and our investigator accepted!! It has been a struggle with her (Ines) because she has said that she knows the church is true, but she was afraid to take that step because of her parents (she is 30) and the impact it will have on their relationship. We brought her best friend who is a member, and when she started to bear her testimony, both of them started crying... it was really special. I am hoping to be here for her baptism. She has such a special place in my heart. 

Our other investigator is William. He is the husband of our Recent Convert Katherine... ya its a super long story so I am not going to tell it all.. they are married, but dont live together because she wanted to be strong in the gospel and he thought it was a game she was playing. When we first met him we tried to teach him, but he in all honesty wasnt interested. About a week ago a bunch of things happened to him and he said a prayer, a really strong prayer, and asked God to help him know what to do. The next day, we run into him and had a nice 5 minute conversation, then after talking to us, he ran into his wife and they too had a nice conversation, then he ran into one of our members that he has never liked and ended up asking him for help... long story short, he is taking the missionary lessons, he is best friends with the member, him and his wife are talking, and he accepted a baptism date for the beginning of this next month... we are so stoked and our prayers are filled with gratitude toward God because he has softened his heart and given us the opportunity to be able to teach and baptize him. It really is such a blessing for all of us. 

This week really was so wonderful. We had a lot of spiritual experiences and our area is progressing a ton right now. I am thrilled that God has given me the opportunity to see the fruits of my labors.

Thank you all for all that you do for me and for your support. Your prayers really do help. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.

With all my love,
Hermana Eardley

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