Monday, October 26, 2015

Dear Family,

So, I am going to apologize for the negativity that my last letter had. Their are a lot of wonderful things here about my new area, and I am so excited to share them all with you!

1. There are super weird tropical fruit here
2. My house is the nicest I have had
3. They put Mayonase in their salad
4. There arent a ton of homeless dogs here
5. There arent very many mosquitos
6. Its the most organized branch I have seen in Panama
7. The people!!
8. My companion!!
9. Everyone wears really colorful floral pants
10. Its super hot... clean pores! 
11. Its not really humid
and so much more... !

NO, to be honest, this place is awesome. I have fallen in love with it this week. The members need a little love, but I am super excited to help them find the joy that comes from living the gospel and help them be happier. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. 

So, we are working really hard to get to know the area and everything.. we put 3 people on a baptism date this week, but we need to give it about a week to see if they are serious.. Panamanians are like that... they say yes to everything, then they change their mind. I will be letting yall know about the investigators we have next week. Oh, but we are teaching a gay couple which is super cool. One of them is a member, he has been since he was born. He served a mission too! When he came back from his mission he left the church and said that he was gay. Now, he has started coming back to church and his pareja (spanish) is also going to church. They know the church is true, and are making a lot of changes in their lives. They still have a long way to go, but they are going step by step. His pareja Tony wants to be baptized, but he still has to wait a long time before he can take that step. I will keep you updated.

We had moss growing on top of the cement on our porch... our house was discusting and we are getting in super clean... 2 more Pdays and it will be spotless. My companion says that I am addicted to cleaning and that she just wants to sleep.... but I told her if we can get this house spotless, the last pday of this transfer we can sleep all day.. her eyes lit up and she agreed. I am so excited to clean that house. So before coming to internet, the owner of the house comes out and gives me a hand shake and says that I am the first missionary to live in that house who took the initiative to clean the porch.. I started laughing a little and she says, no, seriously, I was about to tell the church that I didnt want you here anymore because this place was so dirty... I was in shock. I will send yall pictures of what we did this morning.. 

When we woke up I told her we needed to clean the porch.. but we didnt have anything to clean it with.. so she used a spatula and I used a knife... it was so funny.  

I really dont have much else to say for this week... sorry that this email is super lame, but I will come more prepared next week..

I love yall so much! I hope yall have an amazing week and that you can feel the love of the Savior in every moment. He loves you, dont forget it.

With love, Hermana Eardley

Goodbyes in Chorrera... this family is so special to me! I am so excited for yall to meet them.

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