Thursday, September 4, 2014

2nd P-Day 9/4/14

Dear Family,
I brought my journal today so I wouldn't forget to tell you anything.
This week was wonderful. Hermano Olsen has been teaching us and he has such a passion for the gospel. It's contagious. Also, this week we were able to teach eachother the Restoration so I was able to use spanglish and the lesson went so good because I wasn't worried about the language. Spanish is hard. At one point Hermano Olsen walked in and I was teaching and we got to the First Vision and after it he said pause, looked straight into my soul, and said, "I want you to reach up to heaven and grab that one inspired question. I don't know what it is, but take your time thinking about it. Just grab it from heaven." My face was like "okay sure let me think" but my thoughts were "this is crazy. nothing is coming to me. the silence is awkward. he is staring at me. I need to think of something to say. my mind is blank. wow this is so uncomfortable." and it went on and on for a minute, but then I just let my mind be blank and the craziest thing happened... I thought of a question. Wow the spirit was strong in that lesson. The Restoration is by far my favorite subject to talk about.
Last Sunday was wonderful, but I am super stoked for this Sunday because it is testimony meeting! Oh I can't wait! Everyday is the same, they just merge into one. My days go Sunday, Thursday, Sunday, Thursday... It is wonderful. I swear yesterday was Sunday.
The last couple of days I have been sick. Me and Hermana Bean (another sister in my district and my apartment were both really sick on Tuesday so we stayed in the apartment all day. I hated every second of it. I felt awful and the only thing we could do was practice spanish and we just kept laughing at everything. It was like a coping mechanism or something. Anyways, that night we still felt gross but we decided to go to the devotional. We didn't want to miss it. Best decision. It was amazing. It was a member of the 70 who taught and he spoke about our investigators and how we need to love them like they were our own. Because they are. And he spoke about how we need to make sure that they have a friend and make it to the temple; not just baptize them and forget about them. Wow was it amazing. On Wednesday we were still sick but decided we couldn't do Tuesday again. So we tredged along and it turned out to be the best day I have had at the MTC yet. Yesterday. It was so amazing. Class just comforted me and reminded me of why I was out here and showed me that I could do anything (we studied 1 Nephi 1 the entire class period). I highly recommend reading it and after every scripture just record your thoughts. It is amazing how much you can learn from that one chapter.
Also D&C 18 is amazing to study for answers to questions too.
I miss you all, but this is where I am supposed to be. I know it.
Another funny story we watched the Testaments Sunday night and there were Elders in front of us, but everytime the couple would kiss it was like we were in middle school and everyone freaked out... I get it, but still. There were 3 Elders in front of us and everytime the couple kissed (twice) the 2 elders on the sides would hurry and cover the middle elders eyes. Wow it was funny. The lines in that movie are so cheezy but if you think about it they are amazing and hilarious. Just go watch it. You will understand.
To Mom, I love you you are the best! I miss hanging out with you and sharing stories. I know that you are a daughter of God and that you are so loved by him. I have felt his love for you.
To Dad, Wow it's crazy how much I miss you! I think about you constantly. One rule here is we can't dance in public (not professional) and everytime I think of that I just wish I was back in the kitchen... watching you 'dance' around. Funny, right?
To Steph, sweetheart you have a testimony of this gospel and I know you are going to do amazing things in your life. You are such an amazing person and I know that there is nothing you can't do. Never forget you are invincible. I think in Matthew 5 (16&17?) it says ye are the light of the world. read verses 14 through 17. It applies to you.
To Brit, You have such a strong spirit. I miss you terribly and I wish I could hang out with you. (you're my favorite;)) haha :) You can touch so many lives and you are so smart. Use it. You have amazing gifts and I am begging you to share them with everyone you meet.
To everyone else, I love you all! You are in my prayers.. and to the grandpas out there please stop getting old and going to the hospital. It would give me peace of mind. Thanks:) To my cousins, you are all the best. I couldn't have asked for better. Please keep saying your prayers. And be kind to one another. I can't wait to see you all again (everyone).
Thank You for the support!

Love, Hermana Eardley
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