Sunday, September 21, 2014

I get my travel plans tomorrow! Wow the time has flown I am already down to 17 months... WHAT? This week was amazing! Elder Richard G. Scott spoke at our Tuesday devotional! Okay, first, let me just say that I know I am supposed to be at Provo. Everything that has happened here I just know that the Lord had his hand in me going to Provo instead of Mexico. So back to the devotional! Yes Elder Scott spoke about prayer and yes it was amazing and I learned a lot, but another important thing is I am now famous. I sing in the choir for our Tuesday devotionals (it's combined with the entire provo MTC so like 1,000 missionaries. anyways I was in the front row, we sang Be Still My Soul and it was broadcasted to every MTC in the world. Yeah, I am famous. Wicked right? I thought so.
Spanish is great! My companion says I am talking in my sleep in spanish now... so yeah that is cool. I can't wait for y'all to hear that!
This week was great, like overall great. Nothing crazy significant happened (besides Tuesday night of course).. My zone is amazing we are all really great friends. We all play kickball together. (Kickball and volleyball are the only 2 sports you can play with Elders and Sisters together). So yeah, we play kickball... one time I was running bases and it was close to me getting out and I just thought no way so I ran straight for the base and ran right into an Elder... yeah awkward.. but I was safe so that is cool. This morning we all got up and went and had a big volleyball ternament.. It was so much fun and I am so great at sports.. Not joking. It's like it happened over night. I am a boss.
I have 3 investigators right now and they are amazing and a struggle all at the same time. One of them is so ready for the gospel and you know she knows it is true, but she is struggling with the rest of her family being catholic. Another investigator wants to be baptized but he won't agree to it because he is afraid he doesn't have enough faith. and the third is just starting to open up to us but she is really tough to teach. I am having a blast and I love studying this gospel. Everyday I find something new. I don't think I will ever know enough.
I have one week left and than Panama! wow how great is that? I can't wait to get to talk to you all at the airport! Hear your voices! wow it will be great! Time passes by so fast here it really does go from Sunday to P-Day and everything inbetween is just a blur of gospel and lessons and spanish.
Another cool thing is in our district we have an hermana who is from Hawaii and she taught us how to Hula dance. Like legit. what you see at loo-ows... haha no way could I spell that. So yeah, that is cool. Also, Hermana Kofe got shin splints a couple days ago so they tied bags of water to her leg.. the bag started leaking so she got a bucket to put her foot in.. then she had to go to the bathroom... So that last picture is how that turned out.. :)
In case anyone would care to read it my new favorite chapter is John 15. I was reading in it yesterday and I had the coolest revelation. Like, my mind exploded. In verses 13 and 14.. read it. It says "greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Than he says "ye are my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you". Think about it. He ALREADY layed down his life. But he says ye are only my friends if you keep my commandments... think of the trust the savior must have in us. He already gave us the gift without knowing whether or not we would follow his terms... wow. I just can't even imagine the love and trust he has in us.
I love you all and I can't wait to get to talk to you. I hope you all have an amazing week and please have the cousins send me letters! I miss them so much!

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